Green with Reene

As a gardener, I must share the book Continuous Bloom* by Pam Duthie with as many gardeners as possible. It is the best book I have read on perennial gardening. It is a month-by-month guide to nonstop color in the Perennial Garden. Using full-color photos, garden expert Pam Duthie shows you 272 perennials for your garden—arranged according to month of bloom—so you can have wonderful color and texture from March through November. The artful layout and concise information help you immediately find what you need to know about each perennial: plant type, zone, flower and foliage description, bloom length, height and width, light, care and propagation, and uses and combinations in the garden. It is a delightful book, easy to use and full of great tips for all gardeners. Following this book for expanding or adding new gardens will surely provide years of pleasure for you and all your neighbors.

*Hardcover 328 pp., Ball Publishing, Batavia, Illinois, March, 2000. $39.95 ($31.96 at barnesandnoble.com)