Youth Movement

There has been a heavy toll of friends who have left us. Their lives blessed and cheered us, we miss them very much, and we celebrate their victories. The Lord taketh away and the Lord giveth. Consequently, there is much joy in the arrival of God’s fresh people—God’s Youth Movement.

July 13, Lars and Amy Carlson welcomed Ingrid Rose into their home. Ingrid’s big sisters, Megan and Annie are very fond of Ingrid. Ingrid’s Grandparents on her daddy’s side are Tommy Carlson and Joan Carlson. The family just moved into their new house in Big Lake, Minnesota, that Tommy helped Lars build.

Then on September 18, Kajsa Kristina joined the household of Kerstin and Richard Matz in Dover, New Hampshire giving Tommy and Joan even more to celebrate.

Rachel Judith Anderson had the toughest entry into the world of the Youth Movement children. She underwent surgery on both her heart and her diaphragm before her parents, Michelle and Dan could take her home. You can tell by the photo that she is now doing great!

Kwenja Otieno Odenyo, was born September 1, 2006. His mother and father, Wanjira and Martin Odenyo, live in Beverly Hills, California. Kwenja’s grandparents are extremely challenged geographically. Otieno and Mayone Odenyo live all the way across the country in New York and Kwenja’s other grandparents Maria Muthanje and Kiragu Kamanja live across the ocean in Embu, Kenya.

Elizabeth Reece Swanson joined her brother David and sister Arielle in the Swanson family. Nikki and Joel are the proud and happy parents. David and Marion Swanson, Pietisten volunteers, are totally delighted with their new granddaughter.

The joy Lily Ruth has brought to Jennifer and Jon Hokanson cannot be overestimated. Lily was born July 30. She lives with her family in Richfield, Minnesota.

Lars Ramgren and Finn Christiansen, a couple of older lads, show their youthful colleagues the ropes when it comes to celebrating Halloween.